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Bespoke interventions
for organisations

Bespoke Trainings and interventions TEAM PICTURE 2.jpeg

We offer bespoke  Systemic Conflict interventions for individuals, teams, communities and organisations, processes that encourage transparency, authenticity and courage in facing into the conflict, enabling its potential for transformation.  In all cases we start from the premise that whilst conflict is most often experienced on a personal level it is most likely a sign that something needs attention on a systemic ( team, whole org) level. . 

In organisations around the world, whether multi -national corporations, small NGOs, or community ventures, many days are lost and money is spent on trying to manage conflict situations.  People leave with stress, teams are fractured, organisations are unable to meet their customers or targets and leaders feel overwhelmed and under-resourced to face it all.   Everything feels ‘stuck,’ including productivity, and people dread coming to work. 

If leaders try and address the conflict at all, they try and fix it quickly, rather than trying to understand what the conflict is trying to communicate.  

It’s like trying to fix the flashing light on the dashboard of a car, without lifting the smoking car bonnet the light is warning us about.  


At Moving Conflicts, we help leaders understand that conflict is trying to communicate something about the system that needs to be heard.  If we can ‘face in’ long enough, enquire deeply enough then we discover that conflict itself has the potential to be transformative. 

We will design a tailor made process for your situation which will start with creating a safe container with clearly defined boundaries and well managed expectations 

We generally recommend starting with online one to one sessions and then, if practical, in person sessions with all concerned present in the room.

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