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the story of
moving conflicts

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Ben and Milly each have 30 years experience of working with conflict in organisations and as International Peace Activists.   They have been working together to  run conflict transformation progammes and interventions since 2016.  They have worked with  NGOs, Corporations, Universities and Government bodies to great impact.

Together,  they combined their expertise and  developed Systemic Conflict Transformation trainings and interventions for individuals, groups, NGOs, businesses and communities.


The trainings were developed in close partnership with The Whole Partnership ( ) and have proved to be highly impactful and resourcing to hundreds of leaders around the world. 

They are both passionate believers that conflict can be a powerful and creative catalyst for well-needed socio-economic and ecological change. 


 “ I see conflict differently, I work with conflict differently.   I would encourage all and any to immerse in this important work.”

 Marina Bolton – Director of Organisational Development, UK Civil Service


Ben Yeger founded Moving Conflicts in 2015 inspired by his own personal journey of conflict transformation. 

Ben drew on his own personal story and years of training and transformative work with people from wide walks of life (As a therapist, a F=facilitator and latterly as Systemic Coach) to inspire others to consider and enquire into the systemic causes of inner and outer conflict.  

 Milly has a psychotherapeutic background, and is an experienced systemic coach.  She has worked for the last 25 years supporting organisations, NGOs and  community groups with the systemic conflicts that arise in times of uncertainty and change.  She is a peace activist in Israel/ Palestine with Spirit of Peace ( and is Chair of a Community Centre, running social, youth and food projects in one of the lowest socio-economic areas of Gloucestershire, where she lives.

Ben Yeger
Milly Sinclair

"Ben and Milly’s compassion, capacity, and their trust in each other and the process modelled working in an emergent way, which we all need to be able to do in facilitating this kind of work. I have applied what I have learnt into my work to great impact.”


Rachel Amato, independent coach, facilitator and consultant in organisational and leadership development

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