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A few testimonials from people who have been on our courses

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“I never learned so much useful, life changing stuff in such a short time!”

Winnie Versol: ZMF, Netherlands

 “Loved the duo of Milly and Ben. Their awareness and kind attention to all participants’ individualities and specific needs created a good level of safety in the group. Their compassion, capacity, willingness to be vulnerable and their trust in each other and the process modelled working in an emergent way, which we all need to be able to do in facilitating this kind of work.

I found the structure of the programme to be excellent, with the mix of short theoretical inputs, examples, meditations and visualisations, and work on participants’ cases. It helped to bring the topics alive, and in a way that leads directly into practice… I have applied what I have learnt into my work to great impact.”

Rachel Amato -  coach, facilitator and consultant in organisational and leadership development

“Milly and Ben, and the Whole Partnership provided a great service and experience for those like me, aiming to improve upon our paths of addressing (and confronting) conflicts, and working to transform them. There is a vulnerability to this process that is explored both internally/individually, and externally/collectively as well. This is a valuable process that was expertly facilitated, and I am grateful to have participated.”

Joe Culhane - Systems & Ecology Consultant

“This experience has both enriched my present and future self.  I see conflict differently, I work with conflict differently.   I would encourage all and any to immerse in this programme.”

 Marina Bolton – Director of Organisational Development, UK Civil Service

“Profound learning – all the exercises and the sense of narrative and evolution of the process as a whole. The constellation work was very powerful for me, and well resourced by everything that came before.”

 Sholeh Johnstone – Facilitator, Mediator and Coach

“10/10 for the experience! Witnessing the alchemy of live constellations, even on zoom, I love the magic and insights that arise. Ben and Milly’s leadership of each constellation was so intuitive. They are almost forensic in getting it right. I loved the willingness of everybody to share some quite intimate conflicts. The trust between people was amazing. The generosity, presence, love and kindness modelled Ben and Milly and already present in the system.”

Katie Lloyd-Nunn – Education Curator, Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking

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