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According to Conflict Transformation expert - Jean Paul Leidarach, a transformational perspective of conflict is built upon two foundations: 

1.    A capacity to envision conflict positively, as a natural phenomenon that creates potential for constructive growth

2.    A willingness to respond in ways that maximise this potential for positive change




  • Conflict is an inevitable part of life and can be a life giving opportunity for constructive change.  However, conflict is often done badly, in a way that increases violence and de-humanisation and the illusion of separateness (from myself, others and the wider eco systems that I live within.)   


  • We believe conflict can be done with compassion and connection (with my self/ others and the wider eco systems) and with a ‘heart of peace.’ 


  • Systemic Conflict transformation (SCT)  is a process of radical inclusion.  It brings what has been disconnected back into connection (with self, others and the wider ecosystem that I live within.)


  •  ‘Conflict’ may ‘feel personal’ but in fact is always trying to tell us something about the system that has been excluded, and needs to be seen and heard.  Facing this ‘excluded part’ relaxes the system.  This includes parts of ourselves.


  • Systemic conflict transformation work is a core leadership capacity.  To do this work, we need to be resourced and in community/ connection with those that are different from us.  We need to have a deep heart and desire to ‘cross the bridge’ of our own belonging groups and a collective vision for something better.


  •  Equipped with this capacity, we become agents of the real transformation so many of us feel is needed in our families, organisations and wider systems.

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