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Open access conflict transformation trainings in partnership with The Whole Partnership

We are delighted to be partnership with The Whole Partnership to run open access, online and in person training around Conflict Transformation over the last five years. 

Please book your place through The Whole Partnership on the below offerings.


  1. A five week on-line programme: 3.5 hours a week as an introduction to Conflict Transformation: A systemic approach

  2. A six month on-line advanced and applied training for those who want to become Systemic Conflict Transformation practitioners

  3. 2 day face to face intensives

  4. 5 day face to face intensives


In all of training programmes we seek to resource participants with a set of tools that will enable them to effectively face into situations of conflict, understand its systemic nature and build resilience on personal and organisational levels.    We offer these programmes for a wide variety of people at differing levels of organisations.  These include - Internal and external coaches, HR professionals, Activists, and Leaders.

Purpose of the programme

We explore:

  • What is conflict trying to tell us that we need to hear?

  • How do we as individuals and organisations deal with conflict currently?

  • How can we think differently about conflict so it becomes an enabler for growth and innovation, not a hindrance?

  • How do we support individuals in conflict, whilst seeing the big picture?

  • How do we work creatively with difference, even those stark and deeply held, to discover the solutions we need in a complex and ambiguous world?


Who is it for?
  • Board level leadership, Heads of HR, OD leads.

  • Anyone facing conflict or situations where there is significant difference of opinions in the workplace/role on a regular basis.

  • Those stepping into positions of leadership, or who wish to upskill themselves to become the leaders of the future that they feel the potential to become.

  • People – including conflict professionals – who seek a different approach to conflict transformation

  • Systemic constellations practitioners looking to specialise or refresh their learning about conflict.

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