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training for conflict zones

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Ben Yeger, Moving Conflicts founder and co-director grew up in Israel/Palestine, serving in the Israeli army (83-86). Subsequently (in 2009) Ben became a peace activist, becoming the UK rep for Combatants for Peace (  Between 2010 and 2017 Ben was the inner work lead for CfP and within this role he held bi-national workshops which focused on building relationships between activists on both sides, skilling activists and creating stronger resilience in CfP as an organization.


Milly Sinclair has been a trustee with leading NGOs in conflict situations and has trained Amnesty International, Oxfam and Tearfund staff who regularly work in conflict zones.

This personal and professional lived experience and a combined 40 years of experience of training and facilitating means that Moving Conflicts are well placed to offer this particular training to workers who will be traveling to conflict zones. 


These trainings can be tailor made for each NGO and will always include:

  1. Understanding the systemic nature of conflict

  2. How to create spaces of physical and psychological safety in unsafe spaces

  3. Clear and careful preparation for any intervention. Asking questions and doing research to gain an understanding of the systemic influences and historical context of this particular conflict

  4. Clear contracting with the organisation.   How can you find the most inclusive and collaborative way to engage with the local participants?

  5. Learning the differences between Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution and Conflict Transformation, and which is most appropriate in each particular situation.

  6. Exploring the possibility of acting from a heart of peace as opposed to from a heart of war: Humanising the enemy.

  7. How to work with personal and collective inner transformation as an integral part of peace building efforts. 

  8. Understanding individual and systemic trauma in conflict, and to be trauma informed in your process.

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