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one to one conflict
transformation coaching

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The ability to face and work with the inevitable conflicts that arise in life is a core leadership competency.  Supporting leaders to do this important work, whatever their context, enables them and their organisations/ communities/ families flourish and thrive.  


Ben and Milly are trained Advanced Systemic Coaches with The Whole Partnership.    We have both worked with hundreds of one to one clients to explore the particular difficulties and conflicts they are facing in their life and work. We work both face to face and on-line. We are also both trained Therapists.   

“Since my coaching sessions, I have found I have confidence in my own ability to deal

with sensitive leadership situations and conflicts. Having space to think, explore and see the bigger picture was invaluable.”

                                                            Lisa Francis, Operations Manager – Oxford University




 “Problems and solutions that arise in organisations are almost always the product of interactions of parts, never the action of a single part.”                              - Russ  Ackoff


Systemic coaching gives priority to the system. It recognises that for an individual to truly flourish, the system supporting them must be healthy. As a result, systemic conflict coaching enables the coach and coachee to be freed from all too familiar ruts, and to illuminate hidden resources and restore the coherence and flow of the whole system.


What are the benefits?

  • A clear and “whole organisation” understanding of the issues you are facing.

  • An understanding of your unique place within the organisation.

  • Blocks, conflicts and entanglements within all levels of the organisation are revealed, and practical ways are found to move forward.

  • Systemic coaching is solution-focused. Creative ways are found to resolve problems that previously seemed stuck.


 “The coaching was in-depth and profound, drawing out both my strengths and developing those areas of concern. Helping me to see the bigger picture and resolving problems that seemed stuck, this has helped my professional confidence immensely.                                                                                                                                      Linda Edward, Service Manager – NHS

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